101 jots – (xi – xx)


During the Korean and Vietnam wars
UFOs regularly attacked the military hardware of the invaders
and destroyed planes and boats.

It’s taken a long time to admit it.


You’ll never be wonderful until you’re dead.


For most people the Church has become little more than
a useful landmark by which to offer directions.
Archbishop of York


I wish to live long
and now that i’m old
i’m not afraid of old age.

To fear and to wish would be poor thinking.


When i was young
i thought Beethoven’s music was for the young only.
50 years on, his music still lives in me
and i am young.


One of life’s great pleasures is watching
the All Blacks beat the Springboks at Ellis Park.
And watching the haka.


Killing animals for sport is the pastime of savages.


Virginia and I did a tour of hospitals during the war.
We were a little surprised to hear ourselves announced as
‘two well-known artistes who have flown out from home
to entertain men in bed.’
Joyce Grenfell


How old did you say he is?
And he knows the answer to two plus three?
Yes, he does.
And all the words of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?
Wow! That’s amazing! I take it he’s in the express stream.
Of course.
You must be very proud.


Most people get into bands for three simple reasons:
to get laid, to get fame and to get rich.
Bob Geldof

10 thoughts on “101 jots – (xi – xx)

  1. I particularly love xii and xiii and savoured each and every one of this eclectic, satisfying selection.

  2. How I long for youth and the opportunity to practice Geldof’s profession and avail myself of the perquisites he alludes to. Interesting philosophical bits here John. I enjoyed them at several levels my friend. Jon Michael

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