101 jots – (xxxi – xl)


In pidgin-English I’m known as
‘Fella belong Mrs Queen’

Prince Philip


You listen to my calls and read my mail
and i know who you see and what you say.

There is no honour among thieves such as us, and no trust.
We’re not friends, only partners when it’s mutually convenient.
Friendships are like taxes – for little people.


If i do little or nothing to put my house in order
and then spend my life begging others for help
i am ridiculous.


Fashion is what you adopt
when you don’t know who you are.

Quentin Crisp


Burning people alive is nothing new.
Of course it’s barbaric and completely unacceptable but not new.
The savages of the Inquisition told hundreds of their victims
that burning them alive would save them the torments of Hell.
What comfort that must have been!


Trust me my child
my penis contains holy milk
a gift from on high
and my duty as humble servant of the Lord
is to share it with you.

Priest in Brazil currently under investigation
for sexual misconduct


The Irish are a fair people –
they never speak well of one another.

Dr Johnson


The most interesting thing about Schoenberg’s music is
you never know what’s coming next, if anything at all.


One of our worst faults is giving ourselves rights we don’t have.


Don’t be too hard on ASBOs,
those are the only letters they have after their names.

26 thoughts on “101 jots – (xxxi – xl)

  1. I am experiencing cognitive dissonance John! Damn, this is difficult for a mature man such as myself to read so many of my own short comings! I am a smaller man than even I could have imagined. Thank you for the credo wake up call to change, to improve. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  2. friendships are like taxes, for little people
    fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are…..
    these make me glad to be one of the little people

    if I do nothing to put my house in order and then spend my life begging others for help, I am ridiculous ….the pattern I see on the last is the sense of entitlement….?I deserve luxuries whether I can afford them or not… i don’t have to make choices between immediate gratification and saving and planning and working for what I want.

    Good thoughts….worth reflecting on

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