101 jots – (xli – l)


Guns aren’t lawful
Nooses give
Gas smells awful
You might as well live

Dorothy Parker


In Conversation
with the former Minister of Finance
and former Head of Logistics…

30 minutes of yawn.


The day is approaching when few or no wild animals
can survive in the wild and the only hope for ‘the lucky ones’
is residence in parks and zoos.


Bottle in front of me:
the preferred alternative to frontal lobotomy.


Very few conquer a disability as well as Nobuyuki Tsujii.


Enlist my boy enlist
see the world and serve your country with distinction
we’ll cut your hair and feed you three squares a day
and teach you how to kill

if things don’t go well
we’ll send you home in a box draped in the flag
and in a sweet note to your mother
say how brave you were.


We have no absolute control over anything except our thoughts.


Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?

Stephen Hawking


Who the hell are you people
and what are you doing in my house?

We don’t answer questions, we ask them
and you answer us.


Now that it has a dot com after it
Yahoo has earned an irritating respectability.

32 thoughts on “101 jots – (xli – l)

  1. Some great quotes here. 46 should be posted on all recruitment offices, 48 certainly makes one wonder and as for 47, well, I’m not even sure whether I have control over them! Thanks, John!

      • Your work often makes me stop in my tracks in this busy world. Watching the news, particularly some of the political headlines now, I often wish someone would “beam me up”….thanks for bringing me back to earth! :). Much appreciated.

  2. Forty six, seven and eight are to my parochial way of thinking, very profound. When I am searching for motivation, joy or perspectives to stimulate my aging mind I have the luxury of knocking on your door John. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  3. My thoughts are often the most pernicious and misleading entities in my life, and the least controllable. As they say in 12Step Programs, “my best thinking got me here.”

  4. Hi Uncle John, #43 – sad, very sad that the wild can’t exist as they were meant too. How fast we taken a healthy and safe environment to moving the most primal behind fences. Wonderful post – have a beautiful day.

  5. I so enjoy these Jots, John, and I especially like the name you’ve given them. They jolt me into remembrance, awareness, and sometimes laughter.

  6. xivi should have been ‘writ large’ in each and every recruitment office. So simply worded, yet says everything. I will think of these lines at every cenotaph commemoration. No glory therein. xivii also leaps out in its stripped-back depth of simplicity.

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