for Gene Williamson

a seagull landed on my stoop today
pinion weary rudder frail

battered by headwinds voyager
from world away Jersey shore

his bright eye said ‘never mind
my weathered plumage it’s but miles

i am the bearer of joy
and no journey’s too far for a friend’

50 thoughts on “messenger

  1. Some move into our lives quickly and exit just as quickly leaving no real impressions, simply a fellow traveler on life’s journey. When we are fortunate one comes along that is unique and imparts their exceptional verve for life and their love for mankind on us and we are instantly in awe of their importance. Gene Williamson is for me one of those special individuals. A man whose eyes see the innate good in all things, a man of immense compassion love and intellect. I am blessed he came into my life. Ancient Jersey gulls are the spokesmen for men’s restless souls. John my dear friend thank you for this tribute due our friend Gene. Jon Michael

  2. I loved this one, John, first as a beautiful stand-alone, and also because it was (is?) for Gene. Do you know whether he’s still with us? That’s been a mystery for me for at least two years.

    • Charlie
      Thank You very much.
      i’m not sure if Gene is still with us, i’ve not been
      in touch for some time but i’ll ask Jon Willey if he’s heard anything.



  3. Brother John – Wonderful words for a friend.

    i am the bearer of joy
    and no journey’s too far for a friend’

  4. A seagull… bearer of joy… reaching out and making friends come together somehow…
    What an excellent idea, dear John… I love the symbolism in your poem… very well written… Sending love and best wishes. Aquileana 😉

  5. I love Gene. And, I love this poem. I feel that I remember it from our AD days. Is that right? I miss those days and my connection with Gene. I learned much from him. As I have from you.

    • Thank you
      Dear Gina.
      Yes, from our AD days..i miss those days, too.
      Your final comment honours me greatly and i feel humble.
      i’ll try and find out from Jon willey anything he knows about our
      beloved Gene

      Much love


  6. A wonderful promise of optimism and hope, of love and friendship – the bearer of only the best of news, no matter how far and long the journey. Have a beautiful weekend Uncle John.

  7. I was disappointed when this came through yesterday but I couldn’t click on it. WordPress said it didn’t exist yet I could see it. It’s a wonderful poem John giving words to how doing something for a friend is no effort. Also a touching tribute I think.

  8. What a wonderful synthesis of friendship is this, Uncle John. I read it several times over and still it remains in my mind, the imagery and emotions these few words conjure. (And as you know, seagulls are close to my heart.) Thank you, as always, for sharing. 💜

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