101 jots – (lxi – lxx)


There’s something strange about ankle socks; unnatural.


There’s no need to do any housework at all.
After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.

Quentin Crisp


Death doesn’t ask if your work is finished or not.


A bellygod is an obese man;
bellygoddess is even more appealing.


…inflation concern eases on oil drop;
scandal grew from numbers too embarrassing to release;
aluminium shipments seen hurting other producers;
world’s wildest stock market submits to Communist Party rule;
CFO says ‘very confident’ after stock rout;
nifty futures drop amid earnings;
anti-pollution drive starts to bite…

Who’s interested in that shit?


The length of a film should be directly related to
the endurance of the human bladder.

Alfred Hitchcock



Tell me, was the shark in the man’s livingroom or the man in the shark’s?


Now is the Orwellian winter of our discontent
made pretend summer

Now is the Orwellian summer of our content
made pretend winter

Now are summer and winter Orwellian.


The three most dreaded words
the visitor to a government office hears are
‘have a seat’


He shows great originality
which must be curbed at all cost.

Peter Ustinov’s school report

31 thoughts on “101 jots – (lxi – lxx)

  1. My middle granddaughter’s comment on there being no need to do any housework at all – “See, Gaba, and in 4 years I’ll be gone and you can revert to your old obsessive self and have a field day. Get it, Gaba? FIELD day. ” Thanks a lot, John. πŸ™‚

  2. Good to remember how it was in the “olden” days in government offices – these days especially the taxation office do it all electronically so the shock one could get isn’t even seen coming as it would be were one sitting in an office πŸ˜€

    • Thank You, Ina…
      and still is ‘olden” here in this high tech, electronic city state that is Singapore.
      Come with me tomorrow to the immigration office and see dozens and dozens of
      those who must ‘take a seat’ and wait for an interview for work permits, permanent residence and citizenship. Last year, when i renewed my passport i had to go to the passport office in person to collect my new passport – no exception for a citizen such as me – and undergo an interview. Singapore may do banking and utility bills electronically but when it comes to the heavy duty things the “olden” way prevails – no slipping through the electronic cracks in this tightly run ship.

      Best to You


  3. lxv and Peter Ustinov’s school report immediately got my attention. lxv summarizes the state of media driven ho-hum scatilla. I have enjoyed this entire series John. Thank you for providing levity with some thought provoking statements. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

  4. I remember Peter Ustinov sharing his school report on one chat show or another and he really seemed so ‘poke a stick in your eye’ pleased about it. I doubt anyone could possibly have curbed such enthusiasm.

  5. These are great, John, and the housework and dust got my attention; not my favorite thing to do. I have a quote for you: “It’s okay to notice the dust; it’s part of my country look.” πŸ™‚
    I do clean though, just so you know. πŸ™‚
    Have a great day, Lauren

  6. Dear John, yet another wonderful collection of miniature marvels. lxiii, lxvi and lxx particularly hit the spot! ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’.

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