country music


Bathykolpian Clem
for a modest fee

sang Ave Maria at weddings
her chords vibrato

swelled fructus ventris
pierced bridesmaid hymens

rode the saturday bus to town
to duet with a shopkeeper friend

honey lozenges how’s your father
and five quid parting stipend

Clementine dear
i love ya queer
in your see-thru nightie

and when the moonlight spills
on those silver hills
Oh Sweet JC Almighty!

in rut boys intoned
ogled her smalls on the washing line

milked by hand
the nourishments of her blouse

came in old socks
kept clean sheets


calf tongue on fingers
glasspaper percussion

cut pullet necks
scarlet pizzicato

kittens in potato sacks
sang dirges in the barrel


Annie Mangan’s hooked a man
with land and a two-storey

they say he’ll marry her
in the spring

Annie with the gammy leg?
it’s not for runnin’ he wants her

close enough good enough
sow boar mare entire

ewe docked for the ram
bright and dull feathered cock and hen

‘i love you because…’
was Jim Reeves only

24 thoughts on “country music

  1. John, it’s been too way too long. This is absolutely great. Just when I was a tad concerned that I was getting too far out there I come on this and feel validated. La Belle posted an interview piece with me and I only put twelve hours into it and “knocked it out of the park” as we say here in the colonies ` Kindest Regards, Duke

    • You’re so right, Duke,
      far too long.
      Wonderful to hear from you and to hear of you and LaBelle doing an interview. Way to go!
      i miss you and her and many others on AD but ‘they’ don’t want me there
      any more so to hell with them.
      i’m about to start a book so i’ll not be blogging for some months
      but more on that next week.
      Your Friend


      ps: LOVE the ‘colonies’ remark

  2. Love learning new words – not sure where I will use bathykolpian though! Country music – one of my favorite genres! So glad you mentioned Jim Reeves. Wonderful post!

  3. Brother John – Think you’ve covered most of the themes of country music here, country Ireland. Can’t quote all my favorite lines, but especially liked the humor in the lines:

    they say he’ll marry her
    in the spring

    Annie with the gammy leg?
    it’s not for runnin’ he wants her

    • Brother David
      Thank you very much for liking and appreciating Irish country ‘music’; there was and perhaps there still is very little ‘romance’ in life there, all is harsh reality and any pretence at or effort made to ‘romance the stone’ is looked down upon and often sneered at but behind the tough exterior beat genuinely good hearts.

      Much love to You and Diane


  4. Folk music holds a unique allure for me. I don’t know why but it moves me spiritually. I suppose it is as you say, much of it is based on the challenges of a hard rural life. Your poem reminds me of a life and time long ago. Don’t know how I missed this for four months! Ever your friend, Jon Michael

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