The bones of a novel lie in my head and before they degenerate beyond redemption
i intend fleshing them. My eyes allow only short bursts of work so a long document is challenging. The book may not amount to much – so many books don’t –
but i’ll give it a try.

I’ll be away from blogland some months but i will return.
In the meantime, keep posting.

Peace and Love


38 thoughts on “away

  1. As brilliant a writer as you are, I’m sure it will be fabulous. Love to be a beta reader. I loved writing my two novels and all the learning that went with it. Karen

  2. Where will you be in five years? They will pass whether you write or not. But I LIKE looking back, and seeing Pride’s Children: PURGATORY sitting there on Amazon, waiting. It is a very satisfying feeling. Please keep writing – the time will pass anyway.

  3. Dearest Poet and friend,

    Your clarity of vision will lead to a fabulous ‘write’. I am sure it is already well fleshed-out and wish you many productive hours bringing it fully into being. This will be another oeuvre to add to your already very impressive and considerable canon of literary work.

    With love and great anticipation.


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