Conference Co-ordinator

The male variety is usually harried and under a great deal of self-imposed pressure, hence the quick movements, the stolen glances at the watch, the tousled hair and the underfed look. His female counterpart is much more self-possessed and often cuts a forbidding figure in her sensible black shoes and long grey pleated skirt. Other marks of identification are the swept-back hair, the sawn-off spectacles, the single row of cultured pearls, the carefully pared pencil and the black clipboard. You just know at a glance she has every intention of making the thing run as smoothly as possible.

24 thoughts on “Conference Co-ordinator

  1. I see her so clearly John ….and am wondering too just what Chris brought up …I want to read more of your fine writing …is she a character from your novel ?
    Sending good wishes always with love

  2. Dear John, love this imagery very much, I see her now in her chunky shoes, of course she probably has to try harder *)
    Much love and hugs!

  3. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Great post John … I have met both types of women in mamgement those you describe in your post and today’s well groomed and empowered and found as you say that your description fits better … I used to call these women super efficient and organised … Pencil and clipboard not iPhone and pad … It truly is a very different world of coordinators today … Ian ā­ļøšŸ˜ŠšŸ‘

  4. So glad I came in to see what work I missed Uncle John. Oh my does this take me back a bit as I used to speak at conferences and at times was also the conference coordinator – such memories and yes you paint the precise image of her world. Not only did I smile, but I was awash with places and times that have been locked away for ages. Another great piece that I hope turns into a short series ~ Texas hugs from Miss Mary

  5. Keen observation John! Indeed, composure and focus go a long way. Through all my years in a hugely demanding profession I think I’ve seen it all! I have seen a tremendous shift in male and female numbers in my thirty years in real estate management. The numbers still weigh heavy on the male side but that is changing.

    Ultimately, the individual who masters the focus and un-jaded perspective along with critical efficiency best practices survives the dangers that lurk in the jungle, even, and especially, in the brutal business world.

    As always, wonderful to engage in your perspective.

  6. I like Audrey’s response (above). “Looking the part” goes a long way toward convincing ourselves we are capable — no matter the role. It’s all part of the game.

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