treasure island


One of my dreams, and i have many, is to own a barren island in shark-infested waters. My friends and i hunt down undesirables – corrupt and self-serving public officials, bankstas and racketeers, rapists, molesters, drug and child traffickers, enslavers..the list is long, and when we capture them we drop them naked from a helicopter onto the island where they spend the rest of their days.

treasure island

bald knob in shark sea
one hundred acres of rock
a hundred miles from anywhere
my mates and me fly over on a thursday
to drop from a height buck and doe naked
our round-up for the week

if they land rough
a precious joint or two out

and half a ton of fish ‘n’ chips we reckon’s enough
to keep an assembly alive barely

water’s where they find it
in shallow pools among stones
and how they manage hygiene if they bother
isn’t our brief

palace pleasure pad
porsche parachute ponzi
pod PA photo op bonus
booze weed snort nicotine
cell tv twitter bluetooth

upon the rock is misery
and how long they last is…

they’re quick to gang up and heave the lame
eat the fish before it goes off and the chips soggy

some talk at length of projects they were working on
at the moment of their unconscionable taking
schemes to keep ignorance cutting edge
and bore one another silly
with no one to record or broadcast a word

shrubless treeless
no cave to deny the blistering sun
others have bent under for centuries
they crave perpetual dark

a few look at the stars when they come out
and see them first time
my mates and me reckon they’re the ones
who jump from the Tarpeian voluntarily
but frankly we don’t give a toss

42 thoughts on “treasure island

  1. Sounds like a plan, John. Sometimes I wonder what a utopian existence we would have if greed, hatred and violence were all eliminated. For now I’ll close my eyes and dream.

  2. This is grand John, I love this idea and the fabulous way you have expressed it. Ironically, I have imagined a helicopter will be invented that flies about searching out child predators, shines a light on them so that we can round them up and clean the earth of them. I too am a dreamer.
    much love to you!
    Holly 🌺

  3. Brother John – Interesting idea, but I think you could drop all of them in paradise and they’d make a hell of it. Reminds me of a story by Brother Dave Gardner, a strange comedic character who was part country comedian and part beatnik. In one of his stories a character was shown hell. There were people sitting at a table with the most lavish feast you could imagine. Unfortunately, their arms were forks and knives that were so long they couldn’t get the food in their mouths. Then he was shown heaven. It was the same lavish feast and the peoples’ arms were the same extra long eating utensils just like in hell. The only difference was that the people in heaven were feeding each other. Needless to say your post set off a chain of thoughts to ponder. Thanks – Brother David

  4. A clever plan, John, wonderfully expressed.. I can think of a lot of people I’s like to volunteer for your program. I am, however, a true believer in cosmic retribution. Evil doers will get theirs, one way or another – I’ve seen it.

  5. Couldn’t help but smile the whole read Uncle John – would be a lovely vision of doing away with all those characters. Wonderful to read your writings again Uncle John.

    Big hugs from TX back at you ~

  6. What an amazing piece of writing John! I’m in awe of your style!
    I don’t know about the island… I mean, no…. what I MEAN is that although I understand the sentiment behind it, and the concept of such a punishment, I don’t necessarily agree…
    What I do know for sure is that I often dream about owning a little island in the middle of the ocean, but if I did, it would be ME flying out there and all the rest of ’em staying here!

    A pint sized hug coming your way


  7. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Great John would add one point make sure we include most world leaders and politicians and corrupt police as upholding countries principles and law and order then becoming corrupt is worst .. Years ago a policeman was to be trusted now they are worst than some villains as you know what they do … Ian ⭐️😊👍

  8. Why bother with the island at all? Why make the sharks wait? The sharks are the good guys. Wonderful lines here!

  9. “schemes to keep ignorance cutting edge” — it seems civilization has advanced to the point where we have the prime personification of one who schemes to keep ignorance cutting edge (hint: his first name is Donald, but his last name isn’t Duck).

  10. A fate of justice well-served on the unconscionable who reek havoc and misery on another. Judging by the shallow achievements of the penal systems of this world, this sounds rather well-reasoned. Reminds me of the fate of Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman in Papillon in their final(?) place of maroon on Devil’s Island. The French Guiana penal system took care of many a sorry lot in their own way.

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