i cannot say how many times i’ve loved you
as i love you now
or how often in the past i loved you
if i had the chance to love you over and over

and i cannot say how many times
i will love you in times to come

that i love you now is what matters
that i love your wild green and blue canopy
your perfumed reds in borders
you tumbling and still waters
your uneven paths and manicured ways
your antlers paws hooves long necks
and calls of longing in the night

that i love your pains and disappointments
laughter and celebration
and the air you let me breathe

i will go on loving you
against the threat of hoods salutes and banners
against the unthinking voices of division
against hate and race creed and colour

for to love you is to know
you are the way
and i thank you for your gifts

43 thoughts on “TO LIFE

  1. The range of human emotions beyond a plethora yet too few to define the gift of human life, the most magnificent of all experiences. Life, what a gift! So eloquent and the insightful thoughts of a man humbled by the inexplicable value and gratefulness of the opportunity to simply be. Your best John my friend, your best. Ever your friend, Jon Michael

    • Thank You

      Dear Karen

      for this fine reply

      and i hope it brought you and others a little comfort at a very difficult time
      for America.

      and thank you so much for the re-blog



  2. Welcome back John. I can only echo the other comments here. A fine, fine poem and a message that feels so relevant and essential in these troubled times.

  3. What a beautiful paean to life and rejection of all the hatred that seems to permeate our times. After this past weekend, this was much needed. Thank you, John.

  4. Dear John so glad to hear from you again beautiful poetry thank you. Right now I am in the hospital with my husband who had a stroke we were lucky got in here in time for them to dissolve it so right now he is parking along

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Hi John, this is so well-expressed and poignant in these troubled times. Life, regardless of the bumps in the road, is a gift, and it is up to us to not take it for granted, voice our concerns if the opportunity arises, and live it to the fullest – enjoying “the wild green and blue canopy.”
    Have a wonderful day, Lauren

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