break a leg young thing
this is your moment
after all those morgue afternoons
rehearsing old school mystiques
fine tuning your pauses
making each phrase count

your entrance upstage
deliberate slight in silhouette
moving into light and out
making us sit up

a stir
a single shoot
peep of crocus
second delivery
you hold our breath in yours

delay the extended arm
purple patch declamation
flourishes of yellow madness
in winterspent fields

in the morning we’ll blog and tweet
your budding craft
your youth

52 thoughts on “spring

  1. If only they knew… This is a well crafted ‘ode to youth’, John: your words carefully chosen and with a brevity which allows to reader to picture scenes from their own pasts. Your final lines echo the scrutiny under which modern day lives fall – although, if recent news reports are to believed, perhaps being under the constant eye of social media is beginning to wear thin. I love the line ‘after all those morgue afternoons’. Superb.
    All the best

  2. Wonderful poem, Brother John. Fits our spring this year perfectly. Love, ” you hold our breath in yours”

  3. Amidst the “flourishes of yellow madness in winterspent fields”, you have blogged Spring’s “budding craft” with a fine craft all your own. Many thanks, John.

  4. This is beautiful John, I want to think this is about spring and it’s ushering out the dark winter, or perhaps a ballerina loaded with metaphor! At any rate, it is lovely beyond any words that I have. Take care my dear friend, forgive me for being late, I must come find you because WP refuses to bring you to me in notifications or email. Much Love! ❤

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