Just to be clear

When I published ‘natural selection’ last week the agreed price with Lulu Press was and is $9.95. In time, that price may go down but I assure you it will never increase.
Then it came to my attention the book was available on Amazon at $20. I wish to say I did not sanction that nor was I consulted, it seems the people at Amazon are a law unto themselves
and I’m surprised and annoyed they jacked the price up so much, double in fact.
I didn’t publish my book to exploit customers, I published it to share my poetry at what I consider is the fair and reasonable price of $9.95.
I wrote a note of complaint to Amazon and didn’t receive a reply, but I see today they list the book with the comment ‘temporarily unavailable’ – good!
The book is available at Lulu Press, and their website is considered very safe.
Sorry for this note but I wanted to clear the air.
Thank you


19 thoughts on “Just to be clear

  1. Thank you for the info regarding Amazon John. Perhaps they are correcting their records. My friend published with Lulu and liked them very much. Best wishes and lots of love, congrats on your book! Holly

  2. Thanks for the update, John. I haven’t had issues with Amazon, but sometimes there are glitches. Hopefully, your book will be on their site again with the right corrections. I’m working on a third book now and searching different publishing options, so it’s good to hear this about Lulu, too. Have a great weekend! 😊

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