I love you so much…

Some years back, a young pop singer had a hit with his very first song, and overnight success went straight to the boy’s head. His second song, however, never made it to the airwaves, his promoter and the recording company that signed him refused to have anything to do with it, they considered some of the lyrics unsuitable and the title of the song offensive.

Their refusal outraged the young singer/songwriter, at least he claimed he was outraged, and in a local radio interview he railed at his promoter and the record company and vowed he’d not change a single word nor the title; to do so would compromise his artistic integrity, he said. The radio host asked him what was so objectionable and offensive about the song and once again the young man launched an attack on, ‘The morons who can’t appreciate what’s bold and original, who think they know better than the artist,’ and repeated he wouldn’t change a word and wouldn’t compromise his artistic integrity. And he went on and on and on.

By then, the radio host must’ve been wondering if he had any audience left and pressed the singer to get to the point with, ‘I’m sure our listeners would really like to know what the title of your new song is. Please tell us.’

The artist replied, ‘It’s called, I love you so much I could shit.’

37 thoughts on “I love you so much…

  1. Ha, ha, ha,ha the suspense in this was perfect. Of course , I agree with the writer , it does have a certain ring to it! Lol.

  2. Not on any play list I’m aware of, but given the way civil interaction has disintegrated lately, I bet it would zip right to the top if released now!

  3. This left me in stitches. But, on deeper thought, I suppose it is also a cautionary tale against hubris, a reminder that one should perhaps consider alternative opinions other than remain resolute on only one’s own. Enjoyed it. Thanks, John.

  4. Do i sense a hint of jealousy in the satirist’s tone? A little, “I’ll knock that shitty bastard down for taking a shit on the shitty artistic integrity I never should have maintained throughout this shitty life!” Just kidding John! Thank you for the laugh


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