how usual and how strange
we’re slow to praise
those who share their merit now
but eager for the praise of those after us
whom we’ll never see or know

would that be much the same
and as strange
as if we felt let down
because those before who never knew us
didn’t praise us?

17 thoughts on “acknowledgement

  1. You’ve captured the dilemma perfectly.

    I want the buffalo now (Homer Simpson)!

    So much effort to find readers, though, for so little return. Even when you do everything you can (obviously not everything you SHOULD).

    I often wonder if anyone would have supported a Patreon for Flannery O’Connor – of those who praise her writing now. Or Frida Kahlo. Or Christy Brown. They want to wait for the world to confer success, and THEN jump on the bandwagon. I’ve started one – because it suits ME as a platform – but wonder how I’ll find a few patrons.

    It’s human nature to support the best – and laziness not to see the excellence in what is already there.

  2. Definitely thought-provoking, Brother John, pointing out the desire for
    recognition from those unknown people in the future is as absurd as if resenting those who lived in the past for not appreciating us now.

  3. Superbly put, John. Surely we should devote more time to acknowledging the worth of those around us – and, indeed, doing our best to be the best that we can, rather than expecting posthumous praise.
    In two generations there will be nobody around who knew us anyway.
    Fine work.

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