39 thoughts on “limericks

  1. You encouraged me and this is the drivel that came to mind.

    An American with a lack of wit,
    Decided to plant in his back yard a pit,
    Six inches under the soil he dug,
    He stopped for he was sickened by a bug.

    The pit grew and nurtured with manure,
    It grew into a plant which when consumed did cure,
    A variety of illnesses it was a remedy for,
    It cured cancer and TB and anemia and more.

    Because of its value a war was proclaimed,
    Men died to possess it and men were maimed.
    And in the end this plant from the pit was called evil,
    The letter D was added as an additive and the voices became feeble.

    The burned it for the lack of understanding became extreme,
    Now it is gone, Eden destroyed, and knowledge could not be redeemed.
    Wander the earth and look again for a pit to be reborn,
    They marched around and paraded to the sound of scorn.

  2. John, Hey 😀
    I have decided I am a bad blogger, people visit mine and speak and I hardly speak back, so now I am. Really good built site mate.
    One thing, I can’t reply to much, have you set your site this way my friend?


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