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                                                      neighbours observed – Squat

neighbours observed – Skippy

neighbours observed – Ellen

Conference Co-ordinator

neighbours observed – Ahmad

neighbours observed – Dominic 

haze haze and nothing but haze

settling in Singapore

in the relative calm of clean and ordered Singapore

more Singapore than Bangkok the general election and a slave auction

cops & robbers in the Big Mango part 3

cops & robbers in the Big Mango part 2

cops & robbers in the Big Mango part 1

chancers in the Big Mango

Christmas and New Year in Thailand

from an A for Mr Anand and Loy Kratong to gunfire and a king’s birthday

the rains the rains runningboards IMF school golf and a ginger wig

of crowns the trip south three Kuwaitis and rune sore bees

of school rag Sri Lanka creative writing Patrick skullduggery and a non-tutu ballerina

of retreats coups reports celebrations decisions and roast duck

Mother of All Battles or Runt of All Retreats?

‘amid the alien corn’ and other matters

letters from the front; tragedy at home

Mess o’ Potamia

JJ and ‘beautiful people’; Suchai and the work ethic

put upon by Mr Upon

from Kuwait to Bangkok

a sense of worth in California